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What are the benefits of dry body brushing? Dry body brushing is said to energize the body, increases circulation and blood flow, and stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system to smooth skin’s surface, sweep away flakes and dry patches, and even out lumps and bumps, including cellulite.

How often should you use a dry body brush?

We recommends dry brushing no more than one to two times per week. And don’t forget to wash your brush with baby shampoo at least twice a month to get rid of all of that dead skin buildup. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, try dry brushing once every couple of weeks

Add Dry Body Brushing to your massage treatment
20 Mins £15
Starting at the soles of the feet, we use the Body Detox Skin Brush to dry brush the skin with long sweeping movements towards the heart, focusing on areas prone to cellulite.

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